That caused trouble: “Farmer is looking for a wife” apron hunter dredged Inka Bause

Updated on December 22, 2020, 7:10 a.m.

  • “Land-Bachelor” -Patrick makes an unsuccessful attempt at flirting at the “Bauer sucht Frau” season finale.
  • Moderator Inka Bause laughed calmly at the turn-on of the heavy hitter.
  • With his surprising new flame, however, the cattle farmer gets into trouble right away.

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Some just can’t get their necks full! Never before has a farmer received as many applications as Cattle farmer Patrick. During the current “Farmer is looking for a wife“Season he chose the Julia from Munich. But now he has a new one – and digged at it Finalshow also a moderator Inca Bause an.

But let’s start from the beginning: in conversation with Bause Hobby model Antonia the bomb burst: “In retrospect, I’m glad I broke off. Now we can meet Simply get to know better privately! “ Antonia, who, as “Bild” found out, drew blank for the 2021 calendar of the Bavarian brewery Griess, gave up on episode 3 because she “simply couldn’t deal with the competition”. Now it is evident back in the game.

That confused not only Inka Bause: “I actually thought that you were with Julia?”, She asked Patrick. No, one is very different from the human. Julia also assured her, and Patrick announced: “Me and Antonia are in the getting to know each other. We’re not officially together. There are still discrepancies! “

Apparently, because then the “country bachelor” just dredged the RTL presenter: “Inka, I was really happy! Something like you, a little younger!” The “Bauer sucht Frau” icon could only laugh. Antonia, however, was less pleased: “Do you actually have to flirt with every woman?”

Stunk in “Bauer sucht Frau”: “That he dumps me a second time …”

There was also trouble for Andy, because the cattle farmer is obviously a wolf in sheep’s clothing: When Nicole met a lady on his farm who pretended to be Andy’s friend, she first needed a distance. The painter used the time to come back Groom Maya from Portugal to invite you.

Understandably, she raised her hopes. But at the barn festival, Andy confessed that his heart beats for Nicole. Too much for Maya, she went: “I am feeling accordingly bad. That it has now turned out to be me dumped a second time“I didn’t expect that and I’m sad about it!”

Farmer Andy lost it with Nicole.


A Reconciliation with Nicole Andy could, however, take off his make-up: “It’s not okay for me that you did that!”, she cried. “I’m out of there! I’m just out! Forget it! You can’t be in love with me and make out with her! You can’t do that to me! “, She snapped at the farmer after she found out that he was also kissed Maya would have. “Maya is just as finished as I am. What are you doing with us? What do you think who you are?”

Cloud seven crash

Ice age also prevailed between Pig farmers Thomas and Nicole: The Viennese woman was not available for a debate. “She’s hurt, offended, that’s her right,” said Thomas, who discovered that it was on vacation does not fit between them. “She may have more feelings for me than I have for her.”

It seems similar with Wine growers Rüdiger and Tatjana to be. Last week they were still on cloud nine together – what now? In tears, Tatjana revealed that they saw each other for the last time six weeks ago: “You want to hear that you are missing, that you are wanted. Unfortunately that didn’t happen!”

Rüdiger founded the Radio silence with too much work, but Inka Bause refused to accept it: “Are you hiding behind the courtyard because love was perhaps not strong enough?” However, Rüdiger stated that he wanted to fight for Tatiana.

No happy ending for Denise?

a Organic farmer Denise are fighting right now two men. But probably in vain. The jealous Sasha, with whom she actually wanted to move in together, checked her cell phone: a No-Go: “The current state is that it will not work for the future!” She sobbed in an interview with Bause.

“Actually, Sascha is extremely important to me, but I know that it has no future. It’s too great – that one Degree with jealousy, this constriction, taking the air to breathe, don’t trust me. If you don’t trust me, then there is no basis for a relationship! “ The soldier does not want to give up Denise: “Because I love her more than anything!” However, Nils has not yet buried his hopes either.

Love that inspires!

But they also exist: couples who are madly in love. Above all Cattle breeder Lutz from Saxony and Steffi. “Just looking at them both inspires you a little!” Alina enthused about it Dream couple of the seasonwho wants to move in together at the end of next year.

By the way, it didn’t work out for Alina and potato farmer Peter. But there are still two success stories: Poultry farmer Leif hat in Stephanie (another applicant) his “dream woman” found. With farmer Christina “the spark” was missing. And Grassland farmer Thomas from Hessen and Bianca will soon too pull together: “We threw it slowly overboard!”, She explained.
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