That leaves you breathless

DThis week we received the important news that you can stay 6 meters deep underwater for half an hour with the new Apple iPhone. So far you could only dive three feet deep for half an hour. We tried it, but we ran out of air after 40 seconds, in a meter of water as well as in 6 meters, although we only suspect the latter due to the lack of a bathtub. Now we are wondering if we should buy the iPhone 12.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to superfluous things? Let’s take the BMW, which its owner, who is certainly capitalistic, has parked in Berlin’s Liebigstrasse. It was his own fault that the car was destroyed, he should have expected activists there. After all, they need an outlet for their displeasure about the lawful eviction of an illegally occupied house, where would we go if every owner wanted to decide about his property? A policewoman from a more civilized federal state told us that the police all over Germany felt sorry for their colleagues in Berlin. Nobody is worse off and has less political backing than law enforcement officers in the capital. And they also have to drive old police cars, while further south there are BMW and Mercedes. As if something like that should be decisive, it depends on the content of the task.

Like the environmental activist in Idstein. They roped off a motorway bridge and demonstrated what is possible with good climbing technique. Unfortunately, there was a serious accident, your own fault, the driver would not have had to run into the traffic jam, activists on the autobahn are to be expected after all. The climbers have the right on their side anyway. The criticized expansion was examined for just 40 years. Such quick shots really should be forbidden.


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