That’s what Kate Bush deserved thanks to “Stranger Things”.

The cult song “Running Up That Hill” was released 37 years ago. Now the song is on everyone’s lips again – thanks to the series “Stranger Things”.

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‘Stranger Things’ fans discovered – or rediscovered – Kate Bush’s hit ‘Running Up That Hill’ in the first part of season four. The song hit like a bomb when it was released in 1985. But now the song has reached another peak – and is even more successful than it was then.

The song catapulted back into the charts due to the series “Stranger Things”, which shows the hit in a key scene.

Over 2 million

Laut CBS News Kate Bush has earned around $2.3 million since “Stranger Things” aired. “Running Up That Hill” is currently the most streamed track in the world, said Rob Jonas, CEO of music analysis platform Luminate.

The millions of dollars in streaming royalties were generated between May 27 and June 23, he said. There is no doubt that earnings will continue to increase in the coming days. (you)

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