The 15th Fez Sufi Culture Festival, October 22-29

This 15th edition, which is part of “this breath of transmission of the cultural heritage of Sufism”, will welcome nearly 200 artists and spiritual singers from Morocco and brotherhoods of the world, who preserve the traditions of Sufism music while giving an interpretation that is both lively and inspired, say the organizers.

The opening creation will offer an immersion in the Indian Mughal court, where virtuosos of Hindustani music from North India, performers of Sufi song “qawwali” and Kathak dance will come together to highlight a Sufi prince 17th century Indian, “Dârâ Shikôh” and his actions in favor of the fruitful coexistence of religions.

The exhibition “The coats of the Awakened”, followed by the Indian sitar concert, will open the Festival and the artistic program on the theme of the awakening of consciousness, specify the organizers, who note that contemporary art will thus bring its gaze on the traditional Sufi transmission of the divine and prophetic influx through the mantle or “khirqa”.

Four exceptional concerts will allow visitors to discover the whole of the Samaa Orchestra, the art of Mugham from Azerbaijan inspired by the Sufi poetry of Nizami, Hindustani Indian music or the “khatak” dance performed by a young generation of exceptional virtuosos.

In addition, the Festival will welcome for the first time the ensemble of musicians and Turkish whirling dervishes from Konya for a great “Samaa mevlevi”, in reference to the famous poem of the “Rubâi’yât de Rûmî”, “Atoms dance”, poetic evocation of the scientific conception of atoms in the 13th century.

As for the closing creation, it will pay homage to the great Moroccan master of Arab-Andalusian Sufism, Muhammad Al-Harrâq, celebrated as master of the Way through Beauty and whose poetic work will be sung by the greatest voices of the Arab-Andalusian song.

This 15th edition, which will also host round tables and masterclasses (with more than 60 speakers from 15 countries) “will allow us to better understand the way in which this relationship between science and conscience or even faith and reason has been articulated in throughout history in the civilization of Islam in its connections with various currents of culture and thought, until today”.

The relationships between science, religions and more generally spiritualities will also be questioned. Eminent specialists in the dialogue between science and faith, from the four corners of the world, but also representatives of different religions will take part in these debates.

A moving recital of Breton and Sufi songs devoted to the Seven Sleepers will pay tribute to the monk who survived Tibhirine and who recently disappeared from the monastery of Midelt, Brother Jean-Pierre Schumacher.

In the spirit of this artistic and inter-cultual sharing, the Matruz Jewish Ensemble will give a concert of Piyyoutim songs at the Danane Synagogue.

Based on the 12th century work of Nizami Ganjani, Khusrow and Shirine, the same source points out, spiritual initiation through the arts is at the center of the masterclasses, they said, adding that these masterclass “will allow you to learn and practice in heritage places in the Fassi city”.

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