The 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine: Discoveries that Led to the COVID Vaccine

2023-10-02 11:25:05

Stockholm: The 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine has been announced. The Nobel Prize has been awarded to the scientists who conducted the research to develop the Covid vaccine. This year’s Nobel Prize was awarded to Katelyn Carrico and Drew Weisman. Their discoveries led the scientific community to develop an mRNA vaccine against Covid.



Katelin Kariko is a professor at Sagan University in Hungary. Drew Weisman is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. The experiments conducted by the two men at the University of Pennsylvania were crucial in the development of the vaccine.

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The study of both of them was also helpful in preparing vaccine against hepatitis and monkeypox. The two were announced as Nobel Prize winners in Medicine by the Secretary General of the Nobel Committee for Medicine, Thomas Pullman.

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