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The second phase of the government’s $5,000 electronic consumption coupons will be distributed soon, and this time, two electronic payment platforms, PayMe and BocPay, will be added. Any eligible Hong Kong citizens can apply for a change in the method of receiving consumption coupons from next Thursday (June 23). And PayMe and BocPay have joined the consumer coupon program. Of course, we will introduce more discounts to attract everyone to switch over! Today, PayMe announced the discount details of the consumer coupon program. If you want to know the details, please read below!

HSBC’s e-wallet PayMe has launched a HK$40 million reward, fully in line with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s 2022 Consumer Voucher Scheme (Phase 2), which includes a series of exciting rewards such as merchant discount coupons, Tesla electric vehicle lucky draw and “RewardCash” rebates, etc. , encouraging users to switch to PayMe.

Free $25 Discount Coupon

Users who choose PayMe to receive coupons can get a HK$25 discount coupon, applicable to more than 35,000 online and brick-and-mortar merchants using PayMe for Business, including McDonald’s, UNIQLO, Mannings, HKTVMALL, Japan Town, Genki Sushi and Starbucks And so on, and August will add Wellcome, Marketplace, Market Place by Jasons, 3hreesixty, Oliver’s and Jasons ichiba and so on.

Automatic draw to win Tesla Model 3

They will also automatically enter the lucky draw and have a chance to win a Tesla Model 3. Customers who use HSBC credit cards to add value to PayMe can also enjoy 3x RewardCash. HSBC Insurance customers who enroll in designated insurance plans and register to receive coupons with PayMe can earn up to HK$5,000 in merchant discount coupons.

It is recommended to send additional discount coupons, and it is recommended to send up to Tesla Model 3 / iPhone 13 Pro

In addition, this event also brings referral rewards to users. In addition to a discount coupon worth HK$15, the referrer and the referee will receive a Tesla Model 3 for the first user who successfully recommends the most relatives and friends to register to receive the coupon through PayMe, and the next eight users will also receive a Tesla Model 3. Get an iPhone 13 Pro. Details will be announced later on the PayMe app and PayMe website.

How to transfer?

In just three simple steps, users can transfer to use PayMe to receive coupons during the registration period from June 23rd to July 23rd:

1) Copy their PayMe ID on the PayMe app
2) Go to the Government Voucher Programme website and choose to receive vouchers with PayMe
3) Affix their PayMe ID to submit the registration.

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