The actors of GTA V reproduce a cult scene from the game in real life (and it’s amazing)

Since the release of GTA in 1997, many fans had fun parodying scenes from the video game. If this kind of imitation abounds on YouTube, one in particular has caught the attention of Internet users. This is a scene set at the end of the first mission of GTA V, reproduced identically by Slink Johnson and Shawn Fonteno, the two American actors who lent their voices to the characters of Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis. Uploaded to YouTube on January 12, she already has 4.7 million views, in less than 48 hours.

In addition to the voice, it is also the gestures, the dialogues, the outfits and the decorations which are faithful to the graphic universe of Grand Theft Auto. The whole scenography is so consistent, that Internet users have had difficulty distinguishing between the game and the reality. “Man, the graphics in the game are getting so crazy … it’s hard to tell real life and this game …” “I’ve watched thousands of these videos, but this one is the cream de la crème ”“ The exact movements of the body, the exact work of the voice, everything is precise… ”, we can read among the 22,000 comments.

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