The administrative secretary is too full of water… He was fired from the company for “not meeting the conditions” and returned coldly: he should go through the procedures | International | CTWANT

A woman in China was fired the next day for pouring too much water for company guests. (Schematic diagram / flip from photoAC)

Is this reasonable? There is a female college student in China who joined a company in Shanxi after graduating from university, but because she poured too much tea for the guests during the meeting, she received a dismissal notice the next day, which made her feel ridiculous. In this regard, the company involved also responded.

After graduation, the female college student joined a company in Taiyuan City on February 23 and entered the probationary period. During the meeting on the afternoon of the 9th of this month, when she poured tea for the guests, she was fired the next day because the tea was too full. She admitted that although the water was too much Yes, but there is still 1 or 2 centimeters away from the mouth of the cup, and there is absolutely no overflow. The company thinks that she does not meet the recruitment requirements and hopes that she will resign voluntarily.

The female college student received a notice of dismissal from the company. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Female College Open Supervisorrecording, I could hear the company asking for the termination of the labor contract on the grounds that she was “too full of water”, but she did not agree. As a result, she received a dismissal notice the next day. “The remuneration must be paid, but it has not been paid.” In response, a staff member of the company responded that she did not know the details, “She has her own way, and I don’t know what to look for.”

The female college student revealed to “Jiupai News” that the 23-year-old is the executive of the entire company. During the meeting, she poured 3 or 4 rounds of water. She was fired, and the company never contacted her again. She was quite dissatisfied with the company’s behavior, and only hoped that the company could settle the wages and compensate half a month’s salary. After the local labor inspection team intervened in the investigation, the company only wrote her a receipt. The amount is 1314 yuan, but the compensation has not been received, and has applied for labor arbitration to protect its own rights and interests.

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