the Algerian Qatari steel (AQS) recipient of the certificate of conformity for its new products

JIJEL – The steel company Algerian Qatari Steel (AQS) of Bellara in the town of El Milia, wilaya of Jijel, received the certificate of conformity for its new products, reinforcing bars and drawn wire, from the British organization for Approval of steel products in the world (Cares Steel Certification, UK) which opens up international markets to the company, said Deputy Managing Director Sofiane Chaib Setti on Wednesday.

“As part of the company’s efforts to fulfill its commitments in terms of standards, quality and certification, its new products, reinforcing bars and drawn wire, have been subjected to all the examinations and analyzes carried out by the certification body,” Chaib Setti told APS.

The Deputy Director General of AQS specified that the awarding to the Algerian-Qatari steel group of the certification of its products “allows them to be placed on international markets, in England, Australia, Singapore, Ireland and other other countries that comply with this body’s certifications”.

Mr. Chaib Setti pointed out that AQS’s products “have been subjected to analysis, testing and examinations for six months and in several stages”, pointing out that the company’s technical team “has shown ‘high technicality which has confirmed the quality of the national product’.

This certification, he added, is “more than recognition, as it is rare for new companies to obtain it”.

Thanks to the worldwide consecration of its product, AQS thus intends to concretize its policy of distribution of its product throughout the world, within the framework of the development of non-hydrocarbon exports, in particular the reinforcing bar and the drawn wire, affirmed Mr. Chaib Setti, before recalling that the search for quality and professionalism in management, “remain at the center of the commitments of the AQS company”.

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