“The Angèle Controversy at Coachella: A Closer Look at Bisexuality and LGBTQ+ Representation in Music Festivals Produced by Homophobic Figures”

2023-04-19 15:25:00

These are the first successful steps for Angèle at the famous Coachella festival in America. In front of the stage and on the networks, the fans all seemed conquered. But a controversy came to undermine this pretty picture.

Bisexual, the singer grabbed an LGBT+ flag before performing the song “Your Queen”. “I realized that I wrote a lot of love songs but never about lesbian love”, admitted the Belgian artist on stage. With “Your queen”, she corrected the situation.

Some Internet users did not wait to accuse him of being “hypocritical”, the festival being produced by Philip Anschutz. The latter is an American businessman renowned for his homophobia who would finance anti-LGBTQ + and anti-abortion associations.

“Angèle who performs at Coachella, she really doesn’t give a damn about the world that one”notes a user.

The singer’s fans quickly came to defend her.

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