The ANMAT warned about a batch of counterfeit Immunoglobulin medicine: the details

The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) warned through an official and international communication about counterfeit units of the injectable drug.

It’s all about the medicine “INDOVENOUS IMMUNOGLOBULIN G UNC”, normal human immunoglobulin, intravenous injection 5 g of IgG in 100 ml, and the affected batches are: IVL 2036/50, V: 11/12/23, (01) 07798028710195 series (21) 0000499045.

“Through an international communication, it has been learned that they were detected in the Federative Republic of Brazil”detailed ANMAT.

ANMAT withdrew a brand of olive oil from the market for being “falsely labeled”

The product is registered in Argentina by the firm Presidente Illia Blood Products Laboratory of the National University of Córdoba, which made batch IVL 2036/50. “However, the characteristics observed in the counterfeit product do not match those of the original product,” they warned.

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology also clarified that the units of the product “INMUNOGLOBULINA G ENDOVENOSA UNC” are covered by the National Traceability System “so they have univocal identification”.

In this case, it was detected that the counterfeit corresponds to the series (21) 0000499045.

Given this, ANMAT reported that both they and the titular laboratory did not receive inquiries regarding the units distributed in the national territory.

Anmat: for the second time an ophthalmological drug is withdrawn from the market

ANMAT recommendations for those who use this medication

The general population, health personnel, pharmacies and distributors are requested:

  • Check the units of the mentioned product and if you have the product with the characteristics described, do not use it.
  • separate units
  • Communicate urgently [email protected] or ANMAT Answer 0800-222-1234.

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