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The countdown has begun. After travel limitations, months of teleworking, a disrupted school year and a third deconfinement, the French are preparing for a second summer under Covid-19. Restrictions, open borders, vaccination of children, health passport … The cross answers your questions every day.

► “Vaccinated against Covid-19, do I have to take a test when leaving and returning from Italy? “

Like the countries of the European space, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand and Singapore, Italy was classified as “green” by France.

► “Do my children have to take a Covid test before we go on vacation?” “

In Europe, the minimum age for getting tested varies from birth (in Malta) to 18 (in Slovakia). The average age is 8 years old.

► “Is a PCR test still required to go to Corsica?” “

Until June 8, an RT-PCR test was mandatory to travel to Corsica. The third phase of deconfinement has changed the regulations which remain the same for everyone, whether one is a resident or not.

► “Despite the Covid, is it possible to go to Tunisia this summer? “

Unlike its neighbors Morocco and Algeria, Tunisia has decided to reopen its borders little by little, even if the entry conditions remain very numerous.

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