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In particular, Mega’s video shows the moment when Sunday’s killer arrives at the scene with his motorcycle and shortly after cuts the thread of life of the 28-year-old girl after an attack from behind.

Within 14 seconds. From the moment a security camera records the arrival of the 39-year-old to the moment he pulls out the kitchen knife he had put in his pocket and was holding, to kill his ex-girlfriend.

They are harsh images that come to frame a series of documents and revelations of Live News about the crime that shook the country.

Footage that illuminates a series of mistakes and missteps that occurred that night that led to Sunday’s murder. The 28-year-old woman, who while she went to ask for help at a police station, was left unprotected in the hands of her killer.

It is the first frame in the new video documentary. With a patrol car under the police station. If they had taken the unfortunate Sunday home with it that night, as the girl requested from the duty officer and then from the Immediate Action announcer, none of what followed would have happened. The patrol car, however, remained parked.

Kyriaki and her boyfriend have come down the steps of the police station here and are walking past the guard at the guardhouse. They start walking across the street with the brutally murdered girl managing to take 14 steps. The camera shows us what happened next. What Kyriaki saw in her field of vision when she stopped walking and turned towards the guardhouse.

Agioi Anargyri: The moment of the murder

The killer appears. The light on his motorcycle is on. He parks it behind others that were at the scene and here we see him immediately get down to speed, blinded by his sick hatred for revenge. He has arrived as evidenced by the images determined to kill and will do so within the next few seconds.

In the frame, you can see Sunday trying in her panic to return to the guardhouse and at the top of the screen her killer, who already has one hand in his pocket. To the one who had deliberately hidden the kitchen knife.

It seems with this movement that he takes it off. It is the moment when he starts running to realize what he was determined to do from the beginning.

Passers-by look at what is happening in panic. Another camera records them shocked at the moment of the murder.

The 39-year-old has managed to surprise. No one stopped him. No one protected her in those critical and dramatic seconds. With the motorbike that circled outside Kyriaki’s house a little earlier, she arrived at the Agioi Anargyroi police station and cut the thread of her life.

A series of images shows what followed. With the 39-year-old attacking with the knife on Sunday, the first police officers to come down from the station when it is now too late. The killer is disarmed and the girl’s boyfriend takes his first steps after the crime visibly shocked.

It was seconds before the officers began to realize the effect of their anesthesia. Which led to the indifference to what Sunday was telling them, about the dangers and the evil he sensed.

The 39-year-old ran and killed the 28-year-old who did no wrong that night. She turned to the police, but was left helpless and unprotected, abandoned by everyone to her killer.

The mistakes

The 39-year-old murderer remains in the psychiatric hospital of Korydallos prisons, in a specially designed room, with his own relatives having their own anxieties after the crime.

Sunday’s parents do not have their own child nearby. Her mother has been summoned to testify before officers of the Directorate of Internal Affairs of ELAS.

If the police officers approached by Sunday on the night of the crime had been in the process of doing their jobs properly, these images would not have been recorded. The patrol car the victim requested but was denied was there. Under the A.T. Next to the guardhouse. Only a few meters from where the killer parked his motorbike and launched the murderous attack.

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