The artist’s husband, Hala Sedky, and the story of the DNA analysis! This is what the husband asked her with unprecedented boldness! (exciting details)

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She is the artist, Hala Sedky, whose roles varied from comedy to tragedy, and during her artistic career she participated with a distinguished group of directors.

She worked with director Atef El-Tayeb in the movie (The Escape), and she worked with director Youssef Chahine in the films (Alexandria – New York) and (She is a mess).

Apart from the biography during the last period, the lawyer, Sameh Sami, the divorced artist, Hala Sedky, had published in a video on social media, in which he said: “We got married, in 2007, and I made an official power of attorney for her.

He added in 2012, during the security chaos that Egypt was witnessing, and it has the right to act in everything, as if it were exactly me, and it is not permissible to cancel the power of attorney except in the presence of both parties, meaning I cannot (I cannot) cancel it.”

He stressed that in 2016, “problems occurred between us, so I could not live with her again (I could not live with her again), and I traveled to America, and I was surprised after two months that she threw all my clothes on the street, and filed alimony cases with imaginary numbers and sold the land I owned, which costs eight million pounds, She also obtained sums of money from the bank and then closed my account, and I had to file a lawsuit before the Egyptian judiciary, which had already canceled the power of attorney.

He added: “As for the alimony case, during which I asked for thousands of pounds, I submitted everything that proves that I do not have these amounts, but I brought two false witnesses, and the verdict was upheld and I was obligated to pay the alimony.”

And he continued: “As for my children, I do not know (I cannot) see them (I see them), I do not hear their voice, I do not speak to them, and I do not know anything about them at all (I do not know anything about them), and I forced them to cancel my name from their names to become Samo Sedky, and Maryam Sedky, who is I did what (what did you do) to do all this (to do all this), and what (what) is the fault of my father and mother that they do not see (they do not see) their grandchildren.”

He concluded his speech: “The surprise is that I recently got (signed) that Hala Sedqi is not their real mother (not their real mother), knowing that the eggs belong to another woman without referring to me (without my knowledge), and I am seeking help from the Attorney General. Please help me because I am oppressed, and I want (I want). DNA analysis work.

Sedqi responded to her husband’s claim of denying parentage, accusing her of seizing his money, saying through her personal account on Facebook: “When a father abandons his wife (wife) and children and defames them after he steals their land and throws them for (for) his greed and selfishness and exploits them the worst and prevents them From traveling and eliminating their sporting future, and in the other because (to) escape from the prison sentence, he follows (for) alimony, he denies their lineage, and in the other he refuses to be divorced, awaiting the price.”

And Sedky continued, saying: “A report was made against the website that (which) defamed me and my children, and a report was made against the lawyer to the Public Prosecution to take legal measures against him to list facts that have no validity and just defamation and pressure on him. Five years of silence.

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