The Audi advertisement endorsed by Andy Lau was accused of plagiarizing FAW-Audi related videos, and the advertising company involved promised to compensate the loss.

Peking University Mange released a screenshot of the copywriting comparison video

Ding Wei, a reporter from Chutian Metropolis Daily

May 21 is the Chinese solar term of Xiaoman. FAW-Audi launched an advertisement with the theme of Xiaoman. Its beautiful pictures and far-reaching meaning are impressive, and the short video platform and the circle of friends have exploded in a short period of time.

Unexpectedly, that night, Douyin blogger “Beida Mange”, who has more than 3.6 million followers, posted a video saying that FAW Audi’s advertisement that day was suspected of plagiarizing the copy of a video he released on May 21 last year.

On the morning of the 22nd, FAW Audi officially issued a statement: The advertising company was instructed to deal with the infringement of the copywriting involved as soon as possible, and the official channels of Audi removed the video.

Audi ad endorsed by Andy Lau accused of plagiarism

The solar term of Xiaoman is approaching, and FAW-Audi launched the theme advertisement of “Today’s Xiaoman, Life’s Xiaoman”. As soon as the advertisement was launched, the short video platform and circle of friends exploded. In just one day, it received more than 5 million likes and more than 150,000 comments.

On the evening of the 21st, a Douyin blogger with more than 3.6 million followers posted a video saying, “What is the experience of copywriting that has been copied and played over 100 million times?” The video is compared with the Audi advertising video “Today’s Xiaoman, Life’s Xiaoman is Good”.

Brother Man from Peking University: “If there is a small heat, there must be a big heat, and if there is a small cold, there must be a big cold. But there must be no big man in the small man, because the big man does not conform to the wisdom of the ancients…”

Audi advertisement: “If there is a small heat, there must be a big heat, and if there is a small cold, there must be a big cold. But Xiaoman must not be a big man, because the big man does not conform to the wisdom of our ancients…”

The content of the text is highly similar.

While making and releasing the comparison video, Brother Man of Peking University also left a message under Andy Lau’s Douyin account: “Almost the entire piece is an interception of my own video copy of Xiaoman last year, and the poems in it are all my own original named poems, please ask Could you please inform the original author when you quote it?” Many other netizens also found that the advertising copy was highly similar to Peking University Mange’s video content, and looked forward to an official statement from Audi.

Audi removes video, advertising company promises to compensate for losses

At 10:15 a.m. on the 22nd, FAW Audi Sales Co., Ltd. issued a statement: “The company noticed that a short video released on the 21st contained discussions about copywriting infringement, and gave Mr. The company expresses its sincere apologies for the troubles caused by , Peking University Mange and related parties. The video was submitted and implemented by the creative agency M&C Saatchi. In line with the principle of not evading the problem, the company has instructed it to investigate the copyright infringement situation involved as soon as possible. Deal with it and give the public a satisfactory answer. Before the facts are officially clarified, Audi’s official channels will completely remove the video.”

According to Tianyancha, the organization set up by M&C Saatchi in Shanghai is Shangsi Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which was established on September 3, 2002. At 1:40 p.m. yesterday, Shangsi Advertising Company issued a statement on its official WeChat account: The company’s Audi service team is the Audi Xiaomanpian brand video development team, with weak copyright awareness. The content of the video Chinese case of Douyin blogger Peking University Mange about “Xiaoman” has caused great inconvenience and trouble to Mr. Andy Lau, Peking University Mange, and FAW Audi brand. We sincerely apologize for this and sincerely apologize to the original author. , while promising to do its best to make up for the loss to the original author.

Yesterday afternoon, Andy Lau posted on the official support club APP Andy World: I have 100% respect for the originality. In this incident, I am personally deeply concerned about the problems that the advertising team encountered in the creative process and the troubles it caused to Brother Man. Sorry.

Lawyer says infringement should be compensated

Lawyer Chai Xin of Beijing Dentons (Wuhan) Law Firm told our reporter that according to the provisions of the Copyright Law, if it is used for commercial purposes without the permission of the obligee and without payment of remuneration, it will be regarded as infringement, and the obligee can request the infringement. A person shall bear civil responsibilities such as stopping the infringement, eliminating the impact, making an apology, and compensating for losses.

Lawyer Chai Xin said that the compensation for infringement is generally paid according to the actual loss suffered by the right holder or the illegal income of the infringer; if the actual loss of the right holder or the illegal income of the infringer is difficult to calculate, compensation can also be made with reference to the royalties of the right. . For intentional infringement of copyright or copyright-related rights, if the circumstances are serious, compensation may be even more than one time but less than five times the amount determined according to the above method. In addition, if the actual losses of the right holder, the illegal gains of the infringer, and the royalties are difficult to calculate, the people’s court may, according to the circumstances of the infringement, award a compensation of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 5 million yuan. Not only that, the infringer also needs to compensate the right holder for reasonable rights protection expenses, including attorney fees, litigation fees, travel expenses, notary fees and other expenses.

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