The audience is in shock and astonishment at the strong response of Asala Nasri to Mai Al-Aidan after she described her as (the bat). You will not believe what she said so boldly!!

Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan attacked the artist Asala Nasri again, in response to a comment by Asala Nasri, in which she spoke about the enemies of success, in reference to everyone who criticized her recently.

Al-Aidan shared a post on her Instagram account, in which she posted Asala’s comment, describing her as a “bat”, and that she usually plays the role of the victim.

May said: “Yes, by God, O Asala, your words are true, and God reminded me of a lonely man, like a bat, in every stair and station, a man of a different nationality, sucking his blood and throwing it away, and then doing her poor condition and betraying her and creating a drama. . The world is full and when we see it.”

The Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, also did not miss the opportunity to respond to Asala, commenting on her role, saying through her own account on Twitter: “You are heyyyyyyy… Whom do you mean is not me, because if you mean me, I have a response, and if you mean me, I can go to her.”

In response, Asala participated in her new song, “Thank you”, and wrote: “The one on his head slashed and scorned a thinker, what was included in my song.

May Al-Aidan commented on the same publication, saying: “Idols strayed for thousands of years around the Kaaba before Islam and they worshiped it. Does it mean that their condition was correct, true, and something positive? No, of course, until the truth came to them in the Islamic religion. Al-Wusta is your voice.”

The responses of both Fajr Al-Saeed and Mai Al-Aidan came after Asala Nasri commented on a photo posted by one of the tweeters on his Twitter account, showing dogs distributed on the stairs, where the owner of the photo commented: “At every degree of success, you will find a dog waiting for you.”

For the artist, Asala to republish the tweet on her account via Twitter, attaching it to the following comment: “But, thank God, they sell what they sell.” Low, and outside the limits of technical and objective criticism.

And this is not the first time that Mai Al-Aidan has attacked Asala personally, as she mocked a few days ago the news spread about the pregnancy of the Syrian artist, saying: “You are the one who made you a 52-year-old, and where is the porter? and upside down.”

As for Fajr Al-Saeed, she recently said that the sound of the voice

A machine that annoys her, and she continued in her conversation with Nidal Al-Ahmadiya that she was subjected to a violent attack from some of the pages attributed to Asala, although she never attacked her. She added, “Asala screams and does not sing… and that is my view.”

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