The Autonomous Mountain Federation, against the “brutal aggression” of the wind turbine projects in León

A wind farm operator on the nacelle of a wind turbine.
| 19/09/2020 – 14: 00h.

The Mountain Federation of Castilla y León considers that the projects of large wind turbines in the Leon mountain ranges is “a brutal aggression” and is positioned against them for “affecting protected areas of great natural value”, as has been made public in a release.

“Traditionally, the mountaineering group has stood out for carrying out a sustainable and conservationist sports activity; not in vain the statutes of the Spanish Mountain and Climbing Federation (FEDME) include as one of its purposes working to raise awareness in society of the importance responsible practice of sport and, for this, it promotes protection and respect for the environment, enhances safety in the practice of each and every one of its sporting modalities, “he explains.

“It is for all this that this group cannot help but position itself against the brutal aggression that is intended to perpetrate in various areas of the Leonese mountain with the installation of more than fifty wind turbines of more than 60 meters and that will be visible even from the capital of the Leonese province “, clearly indicates the Federation of Mountain and Hiking of Castilla y León (FDMSCYL).

Places of great protected natural value

“The areas where these wind farms are to be implemented would affect places of great protected natural value, mainly the Los Argüellos and Alto Bernesga Biosphere Reserves, IBA Areas, ZEC Zones, and Brown Bear Corridor. In addition, both the The parks themselves, such as access roads and electrical power evacuation lines, would destroy paths and natural roads, streams and mountain aquifers, even affecting areas of archaeological value. Nor should we ignore the fact that the morphology of the river would be irretrievably destroyed. Leonese mountain landscape and our mountains would be mortgaged as a resource for future generations, “he says in the letter.

“On the other hand, our sports practice has always been linked to the peoples and peoples of the Leonese mountain who have taught us their ancestral peaks, roads and paths along with their human wealth and cultural and historical heritage. This group also contributes with their use to the maintenance and conservation of routes and natural landscapes, also assuming for this reason, an economic engine that goes beyond the occasional tourist since mountaineers are the ‘clients’ who visit and enjoy the mountain throughout the year. Our province has more of 100 mountaineering clubs that bring together more than 4,000 people who share the values ​​of respect for nature and enjoy it by doing their mountain sports activities “, he continues.

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Few economic considerations

For the Mountain Federation “neither should nor can our mountains and their people be condemned for the scant compensation that these projects will generate.” “We are aware of the economic situation in León in general, but studies show that job creation and economic compensation are minimal and, on the other hand, produce depopulation and loss of value in the affected lands to a greater extent,” he maintains.

“Our province has already been besieged and depleted of resources for years and it is time that the initiatives to develop León go through sustainability and the enhancement of its great natural heritage in which many people and groups such as mountaineers, they have been working for years and that with these parks they would see their hopes of having a future in the emptied Leonese mountain nullified “, points out this organization.

The position of the Federation of Mountain and Hiking ends by clinching: “For all this, the Leonese mountaineers will be next to those who fight for the conservation of the environment and those who provide solutions that respect our mountain and will be in front of those who look to the short term with destructive projects of the natural heritage of the province of León “.


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