The “Bab Al Hara” heroine disavows it: I certainly don’t follow it

The Syrian star Sabah Al-Jazaery criticized the new season of the series “Bab Al-Hara” in its 11th part, which will be shown during the current Ramadan season.

And she confirmed in statements circulated on social media that she is not currently following him, noting that it does not resemble the original work that I worked on for 9 years.

She also said, “This is a different work, and they call it Bab Al-Hara.”

She explained that she participated in nine parts of the series “Bab Al Hara” with director Bassam Al Mulla, the owner of the project and the idea.

It is noteworthy that the Bab Al-Hara series returns this year with its eleventh part, with the entry of new characters on the line of events, and the absence of others, and it stars: Zuhair Ramadan, Najah Safkouni, Nazli Al-Rawas, Salma Al-Masry, Rana Abyad, Qassem Melh, Sahar Fawzi, Adel Al-Ali , Abeer Shamseddin, et al.

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