The baccalaureate specialty tests postponed to mid-May, announces the Ministry of Education…

1:10 p.m .: The incidence rate on the rise with 3,736 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

Between January 17 and 23, the incidence rate of the epidemic increased. At the national level, the incidence rate was 3,736 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, an increase of 20%, according to a press release from the Ministry of Health.

“It increased in all age groups and was highest among 10-19 year olds (6,807). All ages combined, the screening rate was 11,777/100,000 (-8%) and reached 17,679 among 10-19 year olds. It was stable in all age groups, but decreased among 10-19 year olds (-14%) and 0-9 year olds (-23%)”, specifies the document.

In metropolitan France, the incidence rate increased in all regions except Île-de-France (-11%). It was higher than 4,000/100,000 in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Pays de la Loire. In Overseas France, the incidence rate increased in Reunion (+37%) and Martinique (+6%), but decreased in Guadeloupe (-22%), Guyana (-51%) and Mayotte (-67%).

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