The Bahamas Boat Trip Nightmare: Tragedy Strikes on Blue Lagoon Island

2023-11-16 19:24:32

The Bahamas, a destination that many people dream of. The sun, the clear water, the white sand… All this scenery contrasts strongly with the grayness of our regions and makes you want to treat yourself to a good dose of vacation. But this Tuesday, this dream vacation turned into a nightmare for a group of tourists.

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While on an excursion to the private island of Blue Lagoon, their boat suddenly began to tilt to one side. “We saw water entering the boat,” explains Kelly, one of the passengers. “A crew member arrived in panic and put on a life jacket. That’s when we all realized something was going on…”

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A wave of panic, particularly among the crew itself, then set in on the boat, which began to sink. In various images posted on social networks, we can see the passengers all sitting on the same side of the boat, before jumping into the water, as a last resort.

Unfortunately, according to the newspaper “The Tribune”, this incident cost the life of a 75-year-old American woman. Two other people were also taken to hospital.

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