The baht today (13 May) weakened to a new 5-year low at 34.79. baht per dollar

Ms. Kanchana Chokpaisarnsilp research executive Kasikorn Research Center revealed that bahtHit the weakest level in 5 years at 34.79 baht per dollar. before returning to close the domestic market at 34.76 baht per dollar It continued to weaken from yesterday’s close at 34.72 baht per dollar.

bybahtdepreciated while the dollar Appreciated amid the possibility of a tightening of the Fed’s monetary policy. In addition, the dollar There is also support as a safe-haven currency amid concerns over signs of a global economic slowdown.

for the frame movement ofbahtNext week is expected at 34.20-35.00 baht per US dollar.

While the important factors to be monitored are the GDP numbers for the quarter 1/65, the Ukrainian-Russia situation. and the direction of foreign capital

while numbersUS economyThe key findings include the New York and Philadelphia Fed manufacturing sector surveys. May housing market index Retail sales, industrial production The start of home construction and pre-owned home sales in April

The market is also waiting to track Japan’s 1Q12 GDP, April inflation figures. of England and Europe Set the LPR interest rate of the People’s Bank of China. and Chinese economic numbers for April such as industrial production, retail sales and the unemployment rate.

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