The balance between corporate objectives and social welfare

Currently, it could be thought that companies have focused only on reacting to the economic crisis generated by the pandemic; However, the Survey of Strategic Social Architecture, carried out by the ANDI – National Association of Industrialists – and its Foundation, together with the firm Cifras y Conceptos, realizes that in Colombia there are different organizations that maintain their commitment to the generation of better living conditions for people.

This study reflects that the voluntary social investment of companies in 2021, in the midst of the process of economic reactivation and recovery of the country’s productive apparatus, was $3.7 trillion. Likewise, it is evident that its main focuses are related to programs aimed at: employees and their families (76 percent), philanthropy (74 percent), corporate social responsibility (71 percent), volunteering (43 percent) and new businesses with a positive social impact (35 percent), which accounts for the clear interest of organizations in concentrating on new approaches tending to promote collective well-being.

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A commitment that transcends

Precisely, there are other tools that allow a more detailed investigation and measure the responsibility of Colombian companies towards the environment and climate change; its relationship with employees, contribution to the country and social commitment, as well as ethical behavior and governance. Such is the case of Merco Responsabilidad ESG Colombia, a study that integrates 24 sources of information and more than 69,500 surveys carried out with various stakeholders with the purpose of evaluating each of these aspects.

In the 2022 results, the valuation of Compensar stands out, located in first place within the category of family compensation funds, and 31st in the general ranking, thus confirming a trajectory of nearly 45 years directing its efforts in favor of the welfare, development and progress of society.

Building comprehensive well-being

An example of this is the more than 79 million activities between cash and health carried out by the entity during 2022, in order to provide more benefits to its affiliates and to the non-affiliated community that it extensively reaches with different programs. the foregoing, added to various initiatives that contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on issues related to health and well-being, quality education, employment, housing, climate action and protection of ecosystems, among others.

In relation to caring for the planet, this organization has defined a comprehensive management strategy that seeks to contribute to environmental sustainability from five axes: capacity building, supply chain development, low-carbon operation, low-water discharge operation and zero waste, in addition, capacity building from the training and training of its collaborators and different interest groups.

In line with this commitment, in 2022 Compensar acquired two 100 percent electric buses to replace the fossil fuel ones, and also built an electric station for charging, becoming the first private company with this type of vehicle for the special service of passengers, with a capacity to mobilize 730,000 people per year, with which it expects to reduce the emission of 90 tons of CO2 per year, in addition to generating savings of 55 percent in fuel and 54 percent in maintenance, thus mitigating the negative impacts and promoting better air quality for the city.

On the other hand, within its management of ethics and good corporate governance, Compensar has been characterized by work consistent with its values, philosophy, processes and its relationship with the different interest groups, oriented towards risk prevention, internal control and early detection of factors that may negatively impact the organization. That is why it permanently develops actions aimed at promulgating ethical standards and warning about the unwavering determination to comply with them in all its activities; promotes adherence to integrity and transparency pacts, and designs mechanisms for reporting irregular conduct.

This is how Compensar renews its commitment to generating more opportunities and actions aimed at contributing to the integral well-being of Colombians, reaffirming that the mission and responsibility of organizations today transcends economic results and continues to evolve according to needs. of the society.

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