THE BALL – Brazil with worrying numbers: 21,048 dead and 330,890 cases (COVID-19)

In the last 24 hours, 1001 more deaths were registered, the increase in the number of deaths was 5%, going from 20,047 yesterday to 21,048 today. With regard to the number of cases of infection, guardianship advances with an increase of 6.7%, from 310,087 on Thursday to 330,890 this Friday (20,803 more). Since May 19, the number of new daily cases has been above 15,000.

Guardianship also accounts for 135,430 recovered patients, which is equivalent to 40.9% of the universe of affected people. The lethality rate is 6.4% and the mortality rate is 10%.

With this balance of infection cases (330,890), Brazil overtook Russia and became the second country in the world with more cases, being only surpassed by the United States (more than 1.5 million cases).


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