the ban on the veil in sports competitions, definitively rejected


The bill which aims to “democratize sport” was definitively adopted on Thursday, without the amendment which provided for “the ban on the veil in sports competitions”.

Indeed, the right-wing senators had included in the bill, an amendment which prohibited the wearing of the veil in sports competitions organized by the federations.

The LREM text adopted by Parliament will not prohibit the wearing of the veil in sports competitions, after the vote of the Assembly (67 for, 6 against and 7 abstentions).

“Les Hijabeuses”, a collective of women created in May 2020 in Paris to defend the right of female football players to wear the veil, celebrated the final rejection of the amendment.

“Yesterday, in Paris, the collective of “Hijabeuses” celebrated the final rejection of the amendment on the wearing of the veil during sports competitions. Above all, it celebrated collective action. A very beautiful moment after weeks of mobilization”, wrote on his Twitter account the journalist, Sihame Assbague, considering that “it is far from over…”.

Assbague explained that “women who wear the veil are still targeted by exceptional measures which limit their access to many spaces”, regretting that “this amendment is only a new avatar of this state Islamophobia”. The journalist also fears that the amendment in question “could find new life via the law against separatism”.

For its part, the collective of “Hijabeuses” told journalists that “its members would fight every ban, every discrimination that targets them”.

Indeed, despite the rejection of the amendment, the rules of the French Football Federation prohibit “any wearing of a sign or outfit ostensibly showing a political, philosophical, religious or trade union affiliation” and as a result, the FFF prohibits women from play veiled. The collective now wants to tackle this ban by mobilizing in each city.

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