The Bavarian State Ballet shows “Paradigma” in the stream

Twe miss you sorely. And less out of selfishness and boredom or the feeling that the kinesthetic sense will soon have fallen asleep more deeply than Sleeping Beauty’s castle behind the hundred-year-old hedge, but rather out of empathy. All singers, musicians, actors, dancers miss performing in front of us, and we while watching miss sharing a space of common aesthetic experiences with them. But maybe it is the hardest for the dancers, especially the young dancers.

Because staying in shape, physically and mentally, is particularly challenging for young dancers in lockdown – just on the ballet bars in the living room, on the banisters and on the floors of their two-room apartments. How are they supposed to grow into roles if there are no performances, no rehearsals, no company trainings with forty sweaty people, in which they also learn by observing others? Where should they practice jumps? In the winter. In a parking lot? How do you keep your stamina when you otherwise train, rehearse, perform and do strength training eight hours a day, not including gyrotonics, physiotherapy and massages?

They are high-performance athletes on their own without competition. Not only do they miss us as spectators, but also their teammates. How can you stay a corps de ballet when you can work with ten colleagues in a “bubble” at best? It is the hardest for dancers also because a full year is so much in their necessarily short athletic careers! They are mostly no more than fifteen years, not thirty or fifty like singers or actors.

Dances by Russell Maliphant, Sharon Eyal and Liam Scarlett

But in Munich there was now – virtually, but what the heck! – finally dance again. This week the Bavarian State Ballet presented the company’s first online premiere. It went largely well in terms of broadcasting and, viewed as an aesthetically programmatic future prospect, left the viewer absolutely euphoric: such good pieces, such excellent dancers in such excellent condition. When this lockdown is over, you should first go to Munich and see this new “Triple Bill” in the National Theater.


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