The Beauty of Anthurium: Unveiling the Unexpected Charm of Flamboyant Flowers

2023-08-22 13:48:23
Anthurium has not always looked good to me. The flower colors are too bright and the flower shapes are flamboyant, especially the anthurium with the center facing the sky, which reminds him of a boy, like a killer who points his middle finger. Don’t believe me next time I stare at the flamingo, after a long time, he will look back at the fart. This weird prejudice was broken one day by the green flamingo. When the bracts transition from bright red to purple to green, all the publicity disappears, only the pale red upright flower candles are surrounded by green clusters, like a girl with pale pink hair and a big skirt dragging green leaves. Since then, in the flower shop, we have unearthed anthurines with different personalities one after another, and the flower names are also romantic. What I saw this time was the earth-colored flamingo, which was the brown of the maple butterfly, the lion brown of Kenya, and the wind and sand that had been raised in the ridges of the fields for hundreds of years. This bouquet of brown flamingoes brought me back to a long, long time ago. If Pangu wanted to send a bouquet of flowers, it would probably look like this. See more worksFacebook: Art of Emerson WangInstagram: Emerson
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