The best memes of Lionel Messi’s passage through the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo

The presence of Lionel Messi in the City of Buenos Aires revolutionized all the porteños who followed until the last moment in the footsteps of the champion soccer player World Cup in Qatar 2022.

This is how the captain of the Argentine National Team went with his family to eat at a grill in the Palermo neighborhood and hundreds of people crowded inside and outside the establishment, asking for photos and touching the astro of world football.

As was not to be expected in social networks, the viral videos turned into memes in a few minutes. Here is a selection of the best.

The madness for the World Cup and for Messi does not stop. Grill Don Julio which is located on the corner of Guatemala and Gurruchagain the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermohe met a crowd of people who found out about the presence of the Flea and went to see if he could see him in person.

Videos of the fans’ chants quickly went viral on social media. To the beat of “boys“, the song on the field that became a world hit, the Argentines celebrated the presence of Messi.

Last night my son tells me, where is Don Julio?
-5 blocks away.
– I was 5 blocks from Messi…

— Moira (@kicocrea_essen) March 21, 2023

In another video, they asked that the Flea come out to say hello on the balcony of the premises. The truth is that Messi had gone to eat quietly with his family, but he was met with the emotion of all Argentines who want to continue showing him their gratitude for the unforgettable World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Don Julio put Robert Pattinson and Messi in a week

— Franco Lomez (@Franlo94) March 21, 2023

That euphoria is the same one that made tickets sell out in minutes to see the match against Panama at the Monumental stadium.

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