The best of all possible: Buzova agreed with a famous artist

For unknown reasons, the lonely Olga Buzova occupies almost all her time with work. Recently, on the set, the star met a stunningly decent man.

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The performer of the hit “Few Halves”, having tried herself in the theater and in the cinema, is not going to stop there. Recently, she was offered the role of Gali – the girl of Zhenya Lukashin, the protagonist of the film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”. Buzova agreed without hesitation. “This is an image loved since childhood,” the star explained.

The pop king Philip Kirkorov became the actress’s partner on the set. The singer got the role of Hippolyte. According to Buzova, both his hero and everyone else will find themselves in amazing circumstances.

“I will not reveal all the cards, but this is a fantasy of the creators and a possible development of events that no one has ever thought about. Philip did an excellent job with the role, this is a great artist, like no one else who knows how to laugh at himself. He is not afraid to look comical. It seems to me that this is the best Ippolit of all possible, ”Olga shared with reporters.

The actors matched perfectly. In many ways, and because they do not pay attention to harsh criticism from the haters. The former host of “House-2” has become accustomed to the flow of negativity since the premiere of the play “Wonderful Georgians”.

“I love experiments, I always try to use every opportunity, try myself in new roles. And I’m not going to stop just because the haters want it so much,” Buzova said.

Meanwhile, the debate around the new brainchild of the TNT channel does not subside on the Web. The choice of actors caused a particular outrage. Lukashin was played by Timur Batrutdinov, his bride Galina Olga Buzova, and Nadya was played by KVN star Olga Kartunkova. Swollen Kirkorov singing in the showerand completely caused disgust among the Russians.

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