The best player in the world: Salah Chelsea “tricked me”

Michael Owen, the former English striker and winner of the 2001 Ballon d’Or, expressed his admiration for Mohamed Salah’s performance with Liverpool since his move in 2017, noting that he did not expect the Egyptian player to appear at this level compared to Salah’s level during his time with Chelsea.

Salah had moved to the English team from Rome, Italy, for 42 million euros, and since then he has achieved several records, including scoring 158 goals in 256 games, and winning major tournaments such as the English Premier League and the European Champions League.

In an interview with “DAZN” channel, Michael Owen revealed: I did not expect Salah to reach this level of brilliance with Liverpool, and now I am not surprised by his influence, but I think that no one expected to score more than 40 goals in his first season.

Owen added: When I saw him, he was at Chelsea, and he did not show his abilities as a scorer, but rather a traditional winger, but his advantage began with Italian Roma, as scoring more than 40 goals and continuing at the same level surprised me.

He concluded: I always thought that scoring goals is something that comes naturally and instinctively, regardless of whether your final touch was great or not. Kamel, his continuous development amazed me and the majority of football followers and if he keeps that for the next few seasons, then he will be one of the best players in history.

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