The best podcasts for managing emotional well-being and mental health

Regardless of what career or life situation you are in, emotional and mental health is of great importance, as well as physical, because it is one of the pillars of human well-being and that allows you to achieve goals and projects.

From the professional point of view, some psychologists turned to the use of multimedia technology to prevent the increase in cases of depression, suicide or anxiety.

This year, mental and emotional health care will become an even greater need. As detailed in the Journal of Affective Disorders medical journal, up to 65% of the population developed anxiety or depressive symptoms due to confinement in 2020 and 2021.

Fear, irritability, depression and panic attacks have been conditions linked to the abrupt lifestyle changes that the pandemic has pushed.

In the midst of this reality, levels of stress, burnout and anxiety increased, which is why we highlight some of the best podcasts led by psychologists to begin a path towards improving mental health.

‘Understand your mind’ (Spotify)

Considered one of the best independent podcasts on Spanish-speaking well-being, it was born from the producers and hosts Molo Cebrián (psychology student and communicator), Luis Muino (psychotherapist and writer) and Mónica González (coach and engineer).

With 20-minute episodes, the trio of conductors help to better understand the inner workings of the mind to manage situations that overwhelm people.

Their themes are varied and they have touched on speeches from how to learn to balance remote work to how to treat burnout syndromes and ask for help.

‘Teenage Therapy’ (Spotify)

“Because we have problems too” is the motto of this podcast hosted by a quintet of young friends from the US, who created a space where they seek to help other adolescents overcome the social and personal obstacles that may appear within adolescence. and at school.

The team of Kayla, Isaac, Mark, Thomas and Gael focuses on discussing taboo or uncomfortable topics for young people, from depression, acne (and its complications with self-esteem), family vulnerabilities, to how to make friends if you suffer from social anxiety

With a relaxed and open tone, it is considered one of the best in the English language for young people.

‘Therapist Uncensored’ (Spotify)

If you want to learn how to improve your relationships and develop closer connections, this is a great podcast to listen to. With hosts Sue Marriott and Dr. Ann Kelley, topics are covered from learning how you can work on emotions, how to support people; likewise, they take steps to develop security and self-confidence; Worry in Relationships, Its Signs and Solutions for Anxious Attachment.

They also give tips to deal with the “empty feeling”, demoralization and the struggle to take care of themselves again, and to conquer shame, in a special episode by Dr. Steve Finn.

‘Doubts are given away’ (Spotify)

This podcast is hosted by Lety Sahagún and Ashley Frangie, who live in Mexico. It aims to question everything: beliefs and their alternatives, origins and paths to walk, as well as each discussion that examines the doubts that we all have. The duo of friends discuss how to approach them in a way that allows people to improve their outlook.

‘Medita Podcast’ (Spotify)

In this program with episodes of no more than 20 minutes, the Colombian meditation guide and wellness coach, Mar, uses the tool of meditation to release stress and achieve the best version of herself.

Through his podcast, he trains others to do the same every day, giving a program that helps to learn simple, practical meditations that fulfill the objective of moving life towards the present, leaving the past behind, improving intentional relaxation and experience happiness.

‘Psychology and Well-being’ (Spotify)

The specialized portal Mundo Psicólogos presents this weekly podcast, where they talk about topics related to psychology, from the hand of a variety of professionals in the sector.

In each episode – lasting between 25 and 45 minutes – topics are discussed where advice is given and theories of the psychological field are disseminated.

In addition to the podcast, the web portal allows Internet users to consult questions related to the mind and mental health, in an open forum in which users can ask questions and share their experiences, as well as receive online therapies.

‘Practice Positive Psychology’ (Spotify / Youtube)

This product from the European Institute of Positive Psychology, was born with the aim of teaching listeners “how to apply Positive Psychology on a daily basis” through exercises that increase happiness, optimism, gratitude, positivity, forgiveness, vitality, and other necessary strengths.

Dafne Cataluña and Eva Rodríguez host this podcast every week, while discovering practical exercises with which to “land psychology into action” and build new habits.

Likewise, it occupies the duality of using both Spotify and YouTube, where they have all their episodes available.


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