The Best Shooter in NBA History According to Stephen Curry: Ray Allen or Himself?

2023-07-31 06:34:06

When Warriors star Stephen Curry was asked “Who is the best shooter in history?” in an interview recently, he said that he would choose Ray Allen when he did not include himself.

Regarding this question, Curry smiled at the beginning and said that I knew it was me. Then he showed a distressed expression and said: “If it wasn’t for me, I would choose Allen. His shooting mechanism and posture, the dedication he paid for shooting The mentality, and the big shots of his career.”

Before being fully broken by Curry, Allen held the records for the most three-pointers in the regular season and playoffs respectively.

On the other hand, Curry also mentioned the best defensive champion in his heart. “I have three guys, Halladay (Jrue Holiday), Allen (Tony Allen) and Ron Artest (Ron Artest). As long as they are on the court, they can clamp down on your offensive state and let the You feel bad.”

“I haven’t had many hand-offs with Yatest, but he has the strongest arm I’ve ever seen. Once the ball is exposed in his defensive range, he will slap the ball hard and steal it away.”

As for being asked who is the best player in history, Curry believes that everyone has his “GOAT” in their hearts. “I don’t really like this kind of question that doesn’t have a correct answer. It’s hard to compare people from different eras.”

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