The best tips to avoid food poisoning

Food poisoning can be linked to several things: ingestion of certain bacteria present in ingested food, viruses or parasites. It is also possible that the food you ate the day before your dinner was expired. In fact, the causes of food poisoning are numerous. But, what are the causes? How to avoid them?

The causes of food poisoning

Indeed, you can be sick when certain hygiene measures are not respected. Sometimes food is poorly washed, undercooked or stored too long. Some foods are more likely to be contaminated, so it is best to avoid them. Meat, eggs, are the first in the category of these foods, which must absolutely be avoided, if they are expired. Raw fruits and vegetables can be tricky.

In addition, unpasteurized dairy products should be monitored very closely. Indigestion, due to milk poorly preserved, are recurrent in people. Cider or even juice are drinks that should not be drunk if their expiry date has passed. Fish and shrimp: if you smell an abnormal smell, don’t look, put it in the trash. And of course, the water: untreated water can make you sick.

What to do if you have food poisoning

If you have the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or fever, you must act quickly. Consult a doctor who will treat you at home. If you have children and the diarrhea causes strong abdominal painor incessant vomiting, it is advisable to go to the emergency room.

To avoid poisoning, here is some tips : Remember to wash your hands regularly. Clean your fruits and vegetables before eating them. Certain raw foods should be avoided. Have a separate cutting board between the vegetables and the meat. Try to store and touch meat separately from other foods.

In addition, remember to always refrigerate mayonnaise or milk. These are products that expire very quickly. wash your table after cooking. Respect the rules of freezing. Clean your bags in which you put your lunch at work.

Watch out for the plastic bag

Food should not not be kept in plastic. Especially when it comes to cooked food, like meat. Putting them in plastic will cause an alteration in their taste and texture.

Plastic speed it up aging your food. Also be careful with your eggs. They should not be stored in plastic.

In addition, we do not recommend that you pour liquid containers into the plastic: soup for example. Its composition will undergo an alteration if it comes into contact with plastic. The salad, even if it is a cold dish, when there is dressing inside, its quality can quickly deteriorate.

You now know everything, or almost, about anti-poisoning tips and reflex actions to adopt!

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