The best treatment for depression is not a drug

The problems of mental health they are more and more frequent among different sectors of the population. Although work is underway to improve this trend, there is still a lot of work to be done for the millions of people who suffer from these types of conditions to overcome it.

Due to this increase, scientists have rushed to find the best treatment for depression, an illness suffered by around 2.1 million Spaniards. A recent study shows that, far from usual, the most effective remedy is not a drug.

And it is that according to a study carried out by researchers from the University of Northern Australia, physical activity could have the key to cure depressionsince it has turned out to be more effective than any other treatment.

The results were published in the journal British Journal of Sports Medicine and they sentence that physical exercise becomes 1.5 times more effective than therapy or major medications.

This has been concluded by the experts after conducting a study with 128,119 participantsthe most comprehensive investigation of any study on exercise and mental health conducted to date.

Scientists conclude that just twelve weeks of regular exercise are enough to begin to reduce the symptoms of depression. According to lead researcher Dr Ben Singh, “Research shows that not much exercise needed to bring about a positive change in their mental health.”

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