The Biden administration is making fun of Princess Kate Middleton

2024-03-15 00:05:00

The administration of US President Joe Biden directed sharp criticism at the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate Middleton, after she “digitally” modified a family photo of herself and her children, following her undergoing abdominal surgery. The aim of this modification was to allay fears and speculation about the health of the royal family in Britain. Kensington Palace published the photo on Mother’s Day, but the photo had the opposite effect. The princess later apologized for the “confusion” resulting from publishing an edited photo of herself on this great occasion.

Many of the news agencies that initially published the photo withdrew the photo, due to concerns about digital manipulation, and this photo, which was issued by the couple’s office at Kensington Palace, on Sunday, on the occasion of Mother’s Day in Britain, is the first official photo of Kate, 42 years old. Since I had abdominal surgery about two months ago. Kate said on social media, “Like many amateur photographers, I sometimes make some adjustments to the photos.”

When the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was asked whether the White House would “digitally” alter the image of the president, his vice president, the first lady, or any important figures affiliated with him, she replied: “Is it digitally modified?” What I know is that this does not happen here, so I will say no.” She added: “Why would we change the photos digitally? Do you mean what is happening in the United Kingdom? This response sparked laughter from journalists in the White House conference room. The press secretary continued her speech by saying: “We have no connection to the British royal family. No, this work (i.e. changing photos digitally) we do not do here in the administration.”

• Several news outlets retracted the image after it was initially published, due to concerns about digital manipulation.

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