The big technology company said, Hon Hai’s July revenue, the Federation of Industry and Commerce released a white paper to announce this week’s major events | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

With the current drop in terminal demand, various industries are facing different changes in demand. Universal Crystal, Winbond, Novatek and Telecom Duo will all hold a law conference this week to release the latest outlook. Hon Hai and Largan also It is expected that the revenue for July will be announced on Friday, and the outside world is also highly concerned. The Federation of Industries will publish a white paper on industrial policy tomorrow (1), which is also the first suggestion made by Chairman Miao Fengqiang after taking office. The following is the announcement of major events this week:

Global Crystal, Novatek Kaifa said focus on changes in terminal demand

At this stage, due to the severe global inflation and the rapid cooling of terminal consumption, many major manufacturers have warned that inventory may take 2-3 quarters to destock. The data will ask questions on issues such as terminal demand, customer pulling force, inventory level, etc., and become the focus of the market.

Miao Fengqiang’s first white paper released tomorrow

Miao Fengqiang, chairman of the Federation of Industries, will announce his first proposal after taking office tomorrow. When Miao Fengqiang took office, he pointed out that the era of inflation has come, and the government and the private sector must cooperate with each other to solve the five problems of the industry and continue to strengthen Supply chain, joining regional economies such as CPTPP, etc., will build Taiwan into an Asia-Pacific operation center. It is expected that energy policy and cross-strait relations will be included in the white paper recommendations.

Hon Hai, Largan announced July revenue on Friday, Apple stock market attention

With the market rumors that Apple will continue to pull goods in the second half of the year, and the first wave of iPhone 14 shipments will reach the level of 90-100 million units, the market is also highly concerned about the performance of related concept stocks. The fifth announced July revenue, which is the operating indicator of Apple’s concept stocks.

Formosa Plastics’ new smart technology for energy business will sign with Aptera Motors

Formosa New Intelligent Technology, a subsidiary of Formosa Plastics Group, will hold a signing press conference with Aptera Motors on Tuesday (2nd) afternoon. Aptera Motors is a new company for solar electric vehicles. At present, the global order for unlisted vehicles has exceeded 22,000. In the future, the two companies will Working together, New Smart Technology will develop a new generation of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for vehicles and supply batteries for solar electric vehicles.

Telecom and electronics giants cooperate to release 5G AI Ready Platform

ASUS’s Taiwan Zhiyun, Intel, Taiwan Big Brother and ASUS jointly held the “5G AI Ready Platform Release and Co-Creation Laboratory Launching Ceremony”, taking the lead in releasing 5G AI application solutions, integrating AIHPC high-speed computing cloud services, 5G private network and AI edge The three key core technologies for digital transformation, such as computing, have launched a cloud-network integration platform solution to provide assistance for digital innovation transformation and business opportunity promotion.

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