The blue dollar closed higher on January 22

2024-01-22 19:39:01

The blue dollar closed higher on January 22 and ended two days of decline. The parallel currency increased by $20 compared to the previous close. Thus, the blue dollar in the selling price is $1255 and is purchased for $1235.

MEP Dollar

It is that, for his part, the dMEP dollar with the GD30 bond was sold for $1,310.92.

Dollar Counted with Settlement

Meanwhile he Dollar Cash with Settlement was sold at $1,345.20​.

Crypto Dollar

For its part, in the world of cryptocurrencies the ddollar is exchanged at $1,284 on average.

Qatar Dollar, Card and Savings

The unification of exchange rates is quoted at $1,342.80.

Official Dollar

EThe dollar without taxes was negotiated at $868.80, according to the average of the main banks, and in Banco Nación it stood at $840.75. The wholesale dollar was located at $819,75 per unit.

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