The BMW 530i G30 but very M5 F90 LCI of Saigon people

It is known that because I love the version too much High performance BMW M5 F90 LCI So the owner of this 530i G30 has spent a lot of money to upgrade the sedan with the full bodykit of the M5 F90 LCI.Through the image can be seen, the bodykit is completed with high precision, showing the seamlessness when mounted on BMW 530i G30 degree M5 F90 LCI.In addition, many details on the car are also made of carbon material to optimize aerodynamics such as M5 exterior mirror panels or tail spoiler.And yet, BMW 530i G30 in Saigon This model is also upgraded by the owner to “legs” with a set of 20-inch wheels from the Rays brand. In order to add more safety and rigidity to the “legs”, the sports car is equipped with high-performance M.Not only the exterior, the cabin of the BMW 530i G30 is also modified with the entire interior of the M5 F90 LCI version, including: steering wheel, clock, gear lever and seats.The most “expensive” upgrade point on this BMW 530i G30 is the KW V3 fork with KW 2-wheel hydraulic lifter for the V3 fork.This system will help the car to maneuver, raise and lower the two front wheels at will. In addition, it also gives users a smooth feeling when going on rough roads or climbing curbs.It is not clear how much the owner of this BMW 530i G30 had to spend to convert the car into the M5 F90 LCI. But with all the above upgrades, you can be sure that the amount is not small and it also shows the “playability” of the owner.Video: Details of BMW 5 Series G30 LCI in Vietnam.

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