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“The boat of shame” spoils the view of residents of the rue du Canal in Péronnes

by archyde

“Here too, things are not movingnotes Yannick Mahieu. However, we have already expressed our dissatisfaction with the authorities.”

Colette, a neighbor of Yannick, does not understand either: “Not so long ago, a boat, the Oceanic, was removed, obviously because the competent authorities no longer wanted a buffer boat at this place, just in front of our house. However, a gentleman who had just lose your mom lived there, indicates Colette. He is also very ill. In this file, there was a flagrant lack of humanity. On the other hand, the boat that we see on the other side and which poisons our view, it does not move even though it has not been used for years and is in disrepair.

Only the ropes that hold it are in good condition. The rest is the boat of shame. “

We can confirm: the boat is in a terrible state.

A metal footbridge in the water

Yannick, who tells us that the area is subject to waste deposits, shows us a metallic element that comes out of the water. “This is a footbridge that fell into the water and was not picked up when the boat of the gentleman who lived there was removed. It can be dangerous, especially since the children who are on training come with their small sailboats here. Already they have to face the sad sight of dead fish…”

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