The Bombing of Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital in Gaza: Israeli Army’s Warning and International Outrage

2023-10-17 22:18:14

10/18/2023-|Last update: 10/18/202301:54 AM (Mecca time)

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, Yousef Abu Al-Rish, said that the Israeli army warned Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital with two shells the day before it was bombed, calling on the world to take a stance on Israel’s crimes and bring those responsible to trial.

He added – during a press conference amidst the bodies of bombing victims – that the administration of the Baptist Hospital contacted the bishop of the Evangelical Church in Britain and informed him of the incident of the two missiles being thrown, stressing that the bishop quickly informed all relevant international institutions and then sent a message of reassurance to the hospital and asked its administration to continue working.

Abu Al-Rish confirmed that the representative of the World Health Organization in the Gaza Strip, Dr. Maher Abu Sitta, asked the Israeli side about the reasons for not warning the hospital before bombing it. The Israeli officials replied that they had called on the phone and no one answered, so the warning was given through these shells. They asked him why they did not evacuate the place immediately.

According to him, Abu Al-Rish sent pictures of the bombed hospital to the Red Cross, the Humanitarian Coordinator at the United Nations, and the World Health Organization, to confirm that Israel’s threat to hospitals is taking place in full view of the world, without anyone doing anything or taking measures against it, which represents a message of reassurance to him that He goes ahead and bombs her, which he does at the National Baptist Hospital.

He said that what the occupation did at the Baptist Hospital is considered an embodiment of the crimes that occurred in fascist times, stressing that he saw children with severed heads and unimaginable scenes.

He added, “The occupation lied and said that Israeli children were beheaded, and today I am showing you children whose heads were cut off and whose stomachs were cut off, and whose families did not recognize them, in a crime the likes of which the world does not know.”

According to the spokesman, the number of martyrs after the recent massacre exceeded 3,000, in addition to 11,000 injured, and 1,250 missing under the rubble, 70% of whom were women and children.

The spokesman confirmed that medical personnel were performing surgeries in the corridors and without anesthesia tools to save what could be saved. However, Israel bombed the hospital in front of the eyes of the world.

He added, “Today we are working in these conditions, after closing the crossings and roads, cutting off electricity and fuel to hospitals, and preventing the injured from being transferred. The tragedy is completed by bombing the hospital that people took refuge in thinking it was safe due to its religious and humanitarian status.”

He pointed out that the occupation followed the bombing of the Baptist Hospital with another bombing in the vicinity of the European Hospital, adding that “Israel is watching the world’s reaction to its bombing of hospitals and the threat to bomb them, and therefore we appeal to the free world to stop this occupier, restrain it, and bring its leaders who bragged before the world about bombing hospitals to trial.”

He called on the countries of the world to take an urgent stand, saying, “Silence increases Israel’s crimes, and we hold you accountable.”

Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta, representative of the World Health Organization at the same conference, said that after completing an operation, he heard the sound of a missile, followed by a huge explosion, which led to the ceiling of the operating room falling.

Abu Sitta added that when he went to the hospital, he found dead children and others whose limbs had been cut off or injured, and that he saw many body parts and bodies piled on top of each other.

He pointed out that on his way to the hospital on Tuesday morning, he saw many people heading to the hospital thinking it was a safe place, and now all of them have turned into victims in a clear war crime.

The representative of the World Health Organization accused all Western leaders who supported Israel’s operations in Gaza of involvement in these crimes, stressing that the occupation would not have committed these crimes except through this support.

He said that anyone who knows that he will be spared will commit war crimes without fear, and that failure to hold those responsible for what happened at Baptist Hospital to account means more similar crimes will occur.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the number of victims of the Israeli bombing that targeted the courtyard of Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital in Gaza had risen to 500 martyrs, most of whom were women and children.

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