“The Box 2023 Challenge: Follow the Exciting Competition for a Chance at 20 Million Pesos with Andrea Serna”

2023-05-31 02:18:36

The alarm sounds again in La Ciudad de las Cajas and Andrea Serna summons Alpha, Gamma and Beta to the Challenge of Sentence, Prize and Punishment. On this occasion, the presenter talks about the money that is at stake in The Best Team of the Cycle, since the purple team already has saved a percentage of the 20 million pesos that they give at this stage of The Box 2023 Challenge.

“Let’s remember that today we are going to meet for the test, therefore there is roulette and there is a lot of money. Today whoever wins goes horseback riding, with Gabriela Tafur, breakfast included. Who likes horses? (…) Let’s talk about the punishments, carrying heavy things persists, also living tied to very heavy cement balls and there is a new one: a drifting night”, express.
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Subsequently, he quotes two men and two women per group in the Yellow Box. Immediately, the challengers meet at their homes to plan the strategy and to define who should give their best on the pitch.
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In this opportunity, Alpha turns out to be the winner of the test, so that not only will they be able to enjoy a magical day surrounded by pure nature, but they will also have to name the four sentence vest of the women’s cycle that must be sent Gamma or a member of her own group, since Beta already has all its members sentenced, what do you choose?

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  • What is The Box 2023 Challenge and what does it consist of?

During all these years, the Challenge has taught that there is no success without difficulty, that achieving balance is a matter of practice and that without a logical explanation, an inner strength appears that allows us to reach the goal and makes us discover that challenger that we all We Colombians carry inside. And that has made Desafío the reality show for Colombians.

  • Who are the presenters of The Box Challenge 2023?

The talented presenter Andrea Serna will once again accompany the viewers and the challengers in this new adventure. She will be in charge of announcing the tests, winners, punishments, prizes and all the news that occurs around the demanding competition. Andrea Serna has more than 20 years of experience in radio and television where she has excelled in leading large television formats such as The Wall; The agency, battle of models; Super Human Challenge in 2019 and The Box Challenge in 2021 and 2022.
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