The boy who marvels at the Mini Cup with an incomprehensible triple

No one understood his release, but there was not one who did not applaud the kid. Arturo Jerez, base of the Cajasiete Canarias, left the most surreal moment of the Endesa Mini Cup during the match of the second day against Valencia Basket. Also the most epic.

There were seven long minutes to finish the second quarter, and the score showed a 26-17 favorable to the Canary Islands. A steal of the ball had to start the counterattack of the yellow team, but upon receiving the ball, and although there were 20 seconds of possession for his team, Arturo Jerez dared with a throw from his field in the purest Sergio Llull style.

It seemed reckless, and it was, but the trip was inside before the general surprise, including that of the boy. His companions threw their hands to his head for what happened while the young base escaped a half smile.

Jerez finished the game with 6 points, got another triple in addition to that, but could not prevent his team from losing to Valencia Basket 73-79. .

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