the broken fate of Agitu Gudeta

A sunny face, the look both lively and soft, full of enthusiasm, Agitu Ideo Gudeta would have been 43 years old on January 1st. Shortly before, she was killed with a hammer by a farm worker, Adams Suleiman. According to his confession, the 32-year-old Ghanaian criticized him for not having paid him his last salary and would have lost all control during their discussion.

At the head of “La Capra Felice”

We nicknamed her the “queen of happy goats”, Agitu was at the head of an organic farming company, “La Capra Felice” (the happy goat), since 2012. Recognized for her talents as a goat breeder and producer of cheeses, she had represented the Trentino region at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

A long-time environmentalist, she embodied the strength of resistance for organizations like Slow Food or Legambiente, the main Italian environmental association. Charismatic, very cultivated, she was also often invited by NGOs, working in favor of refugees. ” Migrants can add value She liked to repeat.

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Her first links with Italy date back to 1996. That year, Agitu, born in Addis Ababa, won a scholarship and flew to the University of Trento where she obtained a Masters in sociology. Passionate about breeding since her childhood spent with her semi-nomadic shepherd grandmother, she then decides to return to her country. She founded an association there for the fight against land grabbing by multinationals. But, threatened with death by militias, she fled in 2010.

A girl from Trentino

“It was a real miracle, Agitu was able to take the plane back to Italy because she still had a study permit”, says her friend, Caterina Amicucci. She reunites with former university companions in the province of Trento. They accommodate her while waiting for her to be granted political refugee status.

For two years, she worked in a bar and then became involved in a project to requalify the territory and protect the Mochènes goats, an endangered species. She rents 11 hectares of land and settles in Frassilongo, a village in the heart of the Mochènes Valley.

Little by little, the shepherdess from Ethiopia was adopted as a girl from Trentino. We appreciate her courage, her devotion to the goats that she raises in freedom and protects from bears, day and night. “Nothing matters more than the goats in my life and nothing rewards me more than their love, they are my strength and my refuge », Can we read on his Facebook page.

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To complete her training, Agitu will even make a detour to France where she learns the traditional art of mountain cheese makers. Over time, her excellent products, her entrepreneurial capacity, attracted the curiosity of the media which made her an icon of integration.


Agitu must nevertheless continue to fight against episodes of intolerance. In 2018, she suffered the physical assault of a racist and misogynistic neighbor. The latter will only be sentenced to 9 months of parole. But she continued on her path tirelessly, creating cosmetics based on goat’s milk, opening a shop in Trento, refining her educational farm project. “She constantly had new ideas for the community, her death is a huge wound”, moved the mayor of Frassilongo, Luca Puecher.

While waiting for the new destiny of “La Capra Felice” to be determined, the mayor entrusted the breeding to a young shepherdess. A jackpot organized on the GoFundMe platform by the association Amici d’Etiopa (Friends of Ethiopia) and the Più Europa party of Emma Bonino, has already raised € 86,000. The money will be used to help Agitu’s family repatriate his remains to Ethiopia and bring to life the dreams she has so brilliantly realized.


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