The cabinet extends the time to reduce the diesel tax by 5 baht per liter until July 20.

Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith Minister of Finance Disclose the results of the Cabinet meeting(cabinet) on March 14, 2023 resolved to approve the extension of the reduction periodtax rateexciseDieselDown 5 baht per liter, going out for another 2 months from 21 May – 20 July 2023

This is to avoid retail prices.DieselIncreasing to the extent that it is an obstacle to the country’s economic recovery. and the livelihood of the people from the burden of higher living costs due to the volatile crude oil price situation. Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine together with the depreciation of the baht affecting the cost of importing crude oil.

Mr. Ekniti Nitithanprapas Director General of the Excise Department added that The Excise Department has implemented tax measures to help alleviate the suffering of the people from the situation of continuously rising energy prices. through a reduction in the fuel tax rate and various oil products and many times over and over especially diesel fuel because it is used as the main fuel in every sector from upstream to downstream Make it a cost in the manufacturing sector, electricity and the transportation sector in every industry. which reduced the diesel tax rate by 5 baht per liter It will be effective until May 20, 2023.

“In order to alleviate the suffering of the people and the business sector, as well as to stimulate and revitalize the country’s economy as a whole. by the Excise Department And the Cabinet has approved the extension of the period for reducing the diesel tax rate by 5 baht per liter for another 2 months from May 21 – July 20, 2023.

reduction of excise tax rates on oil products And this oil product will help maintain the retail price of diesel fuel in the country, not to increase rapidly and affect the cost of living of the people. And an obstacle to the economic recovery of the country. Although overall, the Excise Department will lose income from excise tax collection on oil products. and oil products, about 20,000 million baht

This is to help the overall picture in all dimensions grow. Under the strategy of the Excise Department to drive the economy through excise taxes. Focus on environment, society and good governance to move Thailand toward sustainability

Proofread…. Suree Silawong

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