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A large anthology of poems, short stories and excerpts from novels, entitled “Carnival-Mask and disguise in modern Greek literature” is released in a few days by the Athenian publications “24 Grammata”. The selection of the texts and the editing is done by the philologist-poet and translator Yiannis H. Pappas, former president of the Philological Association of Patras.

it is about a 500 page anthology, which has been in preparation for many years. More than 80 poets and prose writers, living and deceased, are anthologized. It’s about the first anthology in Greece, on the theme of Carnivala fact that is of particular interest to the people of Patrina, since the relationship of the city and its inhabitants with Halloween and masquerade is well known.

The anthology also includes native poets and prose writers such as: Kostis Palamas, Athena Kakouri, Rhea Galanaki, Kostas Logaras, Yannis Pappas, Ersi Sotiropoulou, Vassilis, Christopoulos and Nikos Georgopoulos. While, also, on the pages of the book under publication, are also included texts about the Patrinos Carnival.

The naturalized paternal poet Yiannis Pappas (left) with his publisher Giorgos Damianos

it is about a monumental edition which comes to connect the Halloween and the Fatherland Carnival with literature and should not be missing from any fatherland house.

THE Giannis Il. Pappas is a graduate of the Department of Philology of the University of Ioannina and since 1990 has been working as a philology professor in Secondary Education. He was co-director of the literary magazine “Elitrochos” of Patras (1993-1999), while since 2003 he is the editor-director of the electronic literary magazine “Diapolitismos” ( He has organized many conferences and events in Patras, Athens and elsewhere, while his translations and poems have been published in literary magazines, in print and online.

In April 2008, Metaichmio published his first poetry collection entitled “On the edge of the dream”. In 2011, his second poetry collection “The priceless nothing” was released. In 2018, his first collection of short stories “Thambes Zoes” was released by Kastaniotis Publications. He is a member of the Writers’ Society and the Poets’ Circle.

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