The CGCOM approves the creation of a Precision Medicine Commission

The General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (CGCOM) has approved the creation of a Work Commission for the dissemination, dissemination and training of medical professionals in Personalized Precision Medicine (MPP). This was decided at the last General Assembly of the entity held. This Commission will have the objective of collaborating in the elaboration of organization plans, human resources, creation of technical structures, as well as in the creation of synergies for the development of precision medicine hand in hand with the different managers of public health and private.

This Commission will be coordinated by Rodrigo Martinpresident of the College of Physicians of Tenerife, who considers that “it is essential to prepare and update all medical professionals in this medicine, already present in all the main hospitals in the country, therefore, from the profession itself we have the obligation to pay attention.”

The Commission requests coordination from the CISNS for a homogeneous and cohesive development of precision medicine in the SNS

This revolution should be coordinated from the Ministry, and more specifically, from the Interterritorial Council, so that its homogeneous development is guaranteed throughout the country in a cohesive manner and thus facilitate equity in the National Health System (SNS). Precision medicine is going to change the organization that existed in the SNS regarding medical care and practice. The challenge is vital, titanic, revolutionary, but we are still in time to lay the foundations for an innovative conception of health care and the practice of medicine”, says Martín.

Axes and lines of work

From the Commission it is considered fundamental that from the professional organizations is encouraged continuing Education in this new knowledge, which advances every day towards a new way of dealing with medicine, which is why it is essential to adapt professionals and faculties where professionals are prepared for the future.

Another of the fundamental axes will be the patientswho should also be aware of the existence of this new way of coping with pathologies that open up hope for the prevention and solution of many pathologies.

Among the proposed lines of work, the need to activate the creation of synergies between the different governmental, public and private welfare levels, as well as universities. The Personalized Precision Medicine (PPM) revolution will necessarily involve various fields in addition to medicine, and will force collaborate with other professions such as: Biologists, Computer Engineers and others.

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