The Challenges Faced by the Lebanese Military and the Importance of Respecting Its Role: Insights from Former MP Brigadier General Shamil Roukoz

2023-10-06 10:33:13

“Lebanon Debate”

Former MP Brigadier General Shamil Roukoz believes that “the military institution bears a great responsibility in the process of controlling the borders, but unfortunately, in the situation we have reached, it has become the only steadfast institution in the country, as it faces many difficulties and challenges.”

Roukoz explained in an interview with “Lebanon Debate” that “one of the difficulties that the army command faces is the process of controlling the northern borders because there are some border areas and villages overlapping between Lebanon and Syria, so it is not easy to control what is happening at those borders, especially with the density that we are witnessing.” of displacement.”

And about the systematic campaigns against the Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, and the military establishment? Roukoz links this matter to “the presidential file and putting forward the name of the Army Commander as a candidate,” stressing that “there are people who were trying to put forward his name by assuming command of the army and the tasks he carries out, and at the same time there is a political group attacking the Army Commander and accusing the military institution of not carrying out its duties.” This is with the aim of limiting the army commander’s presidential chances.”

Roukoz points out that, “In political matters, we can talk about anything, but when the issue reaches the point of attacking soldiers and officers just for the sake of talking, this is considered rude and affects the morale and dignity of the army. Therefore, if there is any mistake in the military institution, we must correct it just to It is being addressed, and we must not forget that there are military agencies involved in this matter, but if the goal is to undermine the morale of the soldiers and officers in light of the difficult circumstances we are going through, then this is considered national treason.”

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