The child is a disappointment, after all 2024-04-22 05:25:55

The well-known actor and regional governor candidate in Central Greece in the recent elections fired his arrows against Stefanos Kasselakis. In the posts he made on Facebook, Apostolos Gletsos first wrote “Now I heard about the baptism of ours, I FINALLY burned” and then “What a disappointment this is, this child, in our great sadness, for the flight of his Alexis Tsipras, we took it seriously…”

Responding to a friend of his who has left SYRIZA, the former mayor of Stylidas, although he calls it “a mistake to run away, we sit and fight inside” then wonders “now what? another 10 years right’ to add to another comment ‘screw us all, we’re done’.

In the continuation of the dialogue, another friend of Apostolos Gletsou points out about Stefanos Kasselakis that since he talked about stock options “he showed that he had nothing to do with the Left, some people just didn’t want to believe it”, he replies “that’s right and unfortunately, unfortunately … I was medicated … but no one took responsibility to say who brought him … who signs?”

In the dialogue on the “wall” of Mr. Gletsos, what the president of SYRIZA said about the “miracle” at his baptism was also discussed, with Apostolos Gletsos commenting “I saw him with my eyes and heard him with my ears on television. SHOCK in front of the Bishop, of America”.

Afterwards, Apostolos Gletsos also responded to criticism leveled at him for supporting Stefanos Kasselakis by writing “I did the necessary charity just Vassilis, but so far…”.

To the argument of his interlocutor that everything is due to the origin of the president of SYRIZA from the diaspora, Apostolos Gletsos replied “if this is a good excuse for the leader of a left-wing party that ruled, what can I say, Mitsotakis until the sun goes out…” .

When, subsequently, his interlocutor referred to Alexis Tsipras and the references made by the former president of SYRIZA on matters of religion, Apostolos Gletsos writes “there is no comparison and I am not only talking about the last one that overflowed the glass, there are many, many… the latest display of wealth from Evagelatos. On the left let him know there is the Military…fine print? No”.

To his girlfriend, finally, who asks that there be no disappointment, but instead support for Stefanos Kasselakis, Apostolos Gletsos is categorical: “not so far … she’s not getting a vote from me, that’s it.”

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