The “Christianization” file is persecuting a Canadian security company in Libya, and some of its members are leaving the country

2023-04-26 14:08:23

Africa Intelligence reported that Libya had asked the Canadian security company, “Guardworld”, to leave the country after the arrest of 3 foreigners employed by the company by the Deterrence Agency for Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime.

The site stated that the deterrence apparatus arrested the employees as they entered Maitika Airport for the purpose of meeting the European Union Mission to Assist Border Management, EUBAM, noting that the employees were in possession of “pistols,” but they were unable to show weapons permits, as he put it.

The site added that 5 of the company’s Libyan employees are still being held in a prison inside Mitiga International Airport, explaining that it was necessary for the company’s team to issue permits from the Ministry of Interior for the weapons in their possession.

The site indicated that the company has been subject to monitoring by the Libyan authorities for several months due to other violations, as some of its employees continue to participate in field operations despite the expiration of their visas, in addition to not carrying permits for the weapons they have and the cars they use.

The site added that the Tripoli Court opened an investigation in mid-April into the company’s activities, in addition to the Internal Security Service opening another investigation into the company’s activities.

The website stated that the company did not reach a solution with the Libyan authorities, as a large percentage of the group’s workforce left the country after opening investigations.

The site indicated that the other contracts of the Canadian company may be affected, as it was one of the most active security companies in Libya, and that some of its clients feel the impact of its departure from the country.

Among the companies that were contracting with the “Guardworld” group is the Italian company “Eni”, which suddenly found itself without security services on April 20, according to the website.

The site indicated that the British Embassy in Tripoli has not been affected by its contract with the company so far, and that it is working under a contract with the German Development Agency “Geez”, to provide security for its employees during their travels.

The site indicated that the “Guardworld” company relies on local partners in Libya, such as “First Call Security” and “Safety International”, one of whose directors was arrested on charges of “Christianization.”

Source: Africa Intelligence

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