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The Civil Guard intercepts a truck driver with a seat belt tied with a plastic bag


Civil Guard Traffic Group members have intercepted a truck driver in Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra) with a seatbelt tied with a plastic bag, “seriously compromising driver safety.” In addition, the vehicle was carrying a tractor in its cargo area without proper support and exceeding the maximum vehicle load.

So surprised were the agents of the Civil Guard that the General Directorate of Traffic itself has shared photography on social networks. In the Twitter photo you can see how an agent fastens the seat belt that is tied with a elastic to its support.

The truck driver was intercepted last Sunday, day 16, at kilometer 4,700, of the VG.-4 road, at the height of Baión, in the municipality of Vilagarcía de Arousa.

Specifically, a patrol of the Traffic Detachment of the Civil Guard of Pontevedra intercepted a truck carrying an agricultural tractor, “apparently without any security measures.”

When checking the circumstances of the cargo and finding that, in addition to not carrying it perfectly stowed, it exceeded slightly more than 60% of the authorized weight, the patrol checked that the truck driver was driving with the seat belt attached to the top of the seat by means of a plastic bag.

The truck driver, a 57-year-old neighbor of Ribadumia, faces a “high financial penalty” for the three offenses committed and the three-point deduction of the driver’s license.

The Civil Guard Traffic Subsector recalls that the seat belt represents “the means that have saved the most human lives on the road”, so “its proper installation, maintenance and use is essential for road safety,” he concludes. .


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