The Cnil approves the Vitale card on smartphones under conditions

The Cnil, the commission that guarantees freedoms in the face of digital technology, has made public the opinion given to the government for the deployment of this future dematerialized version the green smart card, which must be offered to all social security beneficiaries by December 31, 2025.

This application will be optional and users will still be able to use the smart card or at the care sheet to get their refunds.

“Do not accentuate the digital divide”

According to the recommendations of the CNIL, the user must have “the right to request support from their health insurance organization for the installation of the application”.

“There is a balance to be found between the offer of an innovative digital service, making it possible to simplify the daily lives of users, and the need not to accentuate the digital divide”, she points out.

The CNIL also validates the use of the facial recognition for the first installation of the “Carte Vitale” application by the Internet user.

This use of facial recognition must end as soon as possible, as soon as the France Identity application – which proves the identity of the person – is ready.

“E-carte Vitale” in test

This application is linked to the new electronic identity card (CNIe), currently being deployed. The “Vitale e-card”, currently being tested in ten departments, could replace the Vitale card in the practitioner’s office.

It will allow the internet user to “consult his rights, download the documents necessary for his care and follow his reimbursements”recalls the Cnil.

It may also, where appropriate, serve as means of identification to access digital health services, for example those of a complementary health insurance fund.

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